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"Wonderings" from today's brainstorming:
  • How does technology affect issues of originality? of teaching a "physical" content such as art?
  • How do I put videos on a wiki?
  • How do I let students be part of a shared webspace without an email address?
  • What laws relate to technology usage with students?
  • How/who determines what I can view? What students can view?
  • When will I have time to practice?
  • How do I manage all the new websites and technology resources I learn about?
  • When will I find time to practice/play?!?!
  • How do I manage all of the new resources?
  • How has technology influenced the way our students communicate?
  • How can we deal with issues of source credibility given the fact that now anyone can post anything to the web?
  • What might technology integration look like for an elementary school art teacher?
  • What are the benefits/limitations of blogs/wikis/moodle, etc., and which one is appropriate for me?

Resources from today's meeting: